5 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Restaurant in Sevierville TN

If you’ve eaten with us before, you probably know a little bit about our restaurant in Sevierville TN. Maybe fun things like we have Mexican Mondays every week or that we offer a huge variety of cuisines to accommodate everyone’s tastes. Now, we want to share some things you may not know about us. Keep reading to learn a little more about our Sevierville restaurant!

1. We offer catering services.

holston's catering taco barOur company does offer catering services for virtually any occasion. Whether you have a family reunion planned in your cabin, you’re getting married in town, or you’re having a business meeting, we can bring delicious food to you! Not only will you get delicious food, you’ll get to enjoy the food you pick out! All of our catering menus are customized just for you. We can accommodate any palette, allergies, or preferences.

2. We take group reservations.

Many people wonder if we take reservations, and we do for large groups. If your team wants to go out for lunch, you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, or there’s another occasion, you can reserve a spot in our restaurant in Sevierville TN for your crew! We have a semi-private area where you all can enjoy a delicious meal together, and you’ll all get access to the entirety of our regular menu and bar.

3. We serve seasonal drinks.

entreesWe do have mixologists in house that create our signature drinks, like the Black Cherry Old Fashioned or Fire in the Hole. But our specialists also create inventive drinks for every season! So if you’re in town for the start of summer or for the holidays, you can browse through our seasonal drink menu to try something we won’t have forever!

4. We have express lunch.

If you’re a local and looking for a place to grab lunch on your break, or even if you’re in town for a few short days, you’ll be glad to know we offer express lunch! We place some of our most popular menu items on an express menu every Tuesday through Friday at lunch time. These items will cook up quickly so you can head back to the rest of your day!

5. We provide online ordering.

reuben sandwich and friesMaybe you want to grab a bite and take it back to the office, go on a picnic, or head back to your hotel or cabin. You should take advantage of online ordering at our restaurant in Sevierville TN! You won’t have to stop by one of the greasy fast food places to get a quick bite. Just make your order online, and we will provide you with an estimated pick up time and let you know when your food is ready to be picked up. It’s delicious food you can feel good about, super simple, and fast!

We hope you learned a little more about our restaurant in Sevierville TN. Are you hungry right now? Create an online order right now, and come pick up your favorite meal from us!

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