Dolly Parton statue in downtown Sevierville

Top 3 Things to Know About the Sevierville Dolly Parton Statue

Whether you’re a huge admirer of Dolly Parton or a casual fan of the beloved country music star, one thing that you can’t miss while visiting the Smokies is the Dolly Parton statue in downtown Sevierville! This bronze statue is located less than a mile from our Sevierville restaurant and offers a fantastic photo opportunity with your family and friends! Here are the top 3 things to know about the Sevierville Dolly Parton statue:

1. What to Expect

The Dolly Parton statue is situated on the Sevierville County Courthouse lawn and stands as a tribute to the superstar by her hometown community. Ever since the bronze sculpture was unveiled over 30 years ago, it has become Sevierville’s most iconic spot and is visited by thousands of people each year! The statue shows Dolly Parton as a young woman perched on a rock, casually holding her guitar and beaming her signature smile. Dolly ranks the work as one of her most-prized recognitions and has said, “One of the best things that ever happened to me in my whole career is the statue of me in the courthouse yard in Sevierville.”

2. History of the Dolly Parton Statue

Dolly Parton statue in downtown SeviervilleThe Sevierville Dolly Parton statue debuted on May 3, 1987, exactly one year after Dollywood opened in nearby Pigeon Forge. It was crafted by nationally-known local artist Jim Gray, who sold over 2,000 original paintings and 125,000 prints to collectors throughout the world in his career spanning more than 50 years. It took Gray more than 2,000 working hours to create the Dolly Parton statue that you can enjoy today. After Gray passed away in 2019 at the age of 87, Dolly said that “Jim Gray will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so thankful that his legacy as a talented artist will live on in the statue he created.”

3. Visiting the Statue

The Sevierville Dolly Parton statue is open to the public and can easily be visited simply by stopping by the Sevierville County Courthouse, which is located at 125 Court Avenue. While driving into town, simply follow the signs to downtown and make your way to the courthouse square. Street parking is your best bet in downtown Sevierville! While you can opt for a quick visit to the statue, consider taking a self-guided walking tour of Sevierville while you’re in town. The Dolly Parton Statue is just one of the fun Dolly Parton landmarks to explore in downtown Sevierville

Where to Dine Near the Dolly Parton Statue

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